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expecting mom
What comes to mind when you think about symptoms of pregnancy? The most common early pregnancy symptom is unavoidable. When we watch movies or television, the dramatic moment when a woman knows that she is pregnant is when she gets morning sickness. Movies have made morning sickness as “the” sign of pregnancy. This might be the most obvious and recognizable symptom, but it is not the only one that will confirm that this new mom is expecting.

The Most Common Early Symptom of Pregnancy – A Missed Period

Obviously, when a woman of fertile child bearing age misses her monthly cycle, she should be aware that she is pregnant. If your cycle is late, give it a few more days to see if it is just delayed before you confirm that you are pregnant. For some women, this is not a reliable signal if they have irregular cycles. In some other women, any changes in her lifestyle like increased stress, a fluctuation in the body weight up or down or even an increase in exercise can also cause the regularity of the cycle to fluctuate. If however after two weeks and her monthly cycle does not resume, this could be a good indication that it is an early symptom of pregnancy.

Some Other Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Expectant moms normally goes through a phase of feeling exhausted and extremely tired which can be another sign of pregnancy. In the first trimester ( or first three months of the pregnancy, the baby is developing at a rapid rate. As the baby develops, the mother’s energy is depleted at a rapid rate. An expectant mom needs to ensure that if she is feeling tired, it is just natures way of telling her that she needs to rest more. This phase does not last long thankfully and normally goes away six weeks after conception.

Another very obvious and unavoidable symptom of pregnancy is very tender or swollen *******. This tenderness can be quite extreme in some cases when the ****** is very sensitive to touch and it is even painful to wear a bra. This symptom normally occurs in week two after conception and if you have any of the other signs in this article, then please see your doctor for a confirmation or do a home pregnancy test. It must be noted that tender ******* alone will not be a conclusive sign of an impending pregnancy as this can sometimes be caused by hormones or the birth control pill.

Peanut Butter and Sardines Sandwich Anyone?

Food cravings is one of those strange and amusing symptoms that a pregnant women might go through. Not all women get food cravings but some women experience very powerful food cravings when they are pregnant. This early symptom of pregnancy can last throughout the nine months of pregnancy. The mom’s taste buds will change a lot during pregnancy due to the big surges of hormones in her system which heightens her sensory perceptions. She might find that she can’t even smell the foods that she normally loves and starts to eat foods which were unbearable before. Lots of expectant moms have stories of strange cravings for foods and combinations of flavours and this is just nature’s way of making the pregnant mom eat the right foods that the developing baby needs.

There are many early symptoms of pregnancy that will make you suspect that you are soon to be a new parent. Needless to say, it is important to pay attention to these symptoms and act accordingly as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. A developing baby needs the right nutrition and is going to be fully reliant on the mom to provide, together with all the immunity that will help it through it’s early life. So if you suspect that you might be pregnant, do get tested and see a doctor so that you can begin to take the right steps for the development of mom and baby.

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Angelica Lee is an experienced webmaster, a busy mum and contributes to a variety of websites with her unique experience about getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. Visit Healthy Pregnancy Secrets, the best online resource for pregnancy issues for more articles on how to have a pregnancy nutrition, healthy pregnancy and pregnancy tools.

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