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Organic clothing line is the word that has been going on around these days. Everyone is encouraged to go organic. Why? Because organic is the natural and the environment friendly way of doing things. We …

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organic baby toys now offers the Sprig Toys line up of activity vehicle and toy construction vehicles. Sprig Toys best selling item is the Discover Rig – an eco-friendly toy truck. Inspired by safaris, it is designed to take kids on indoor and outdoor adventures.

As kids push the Discover Rig, the driver, called an adventure guide, lights up and sings a song. The Rig will also emit realistic engine noise. So the more the Discover Rig is pushed, the more your child will want to see and hear it.

The Cap Faraday Adventure guide comes with the Rig. He sings a song about his trek through the African Serengeti. While he sings, you can hear animal noises.

You child makes all of this electrical and recorded fun possible, no batteries are required. The wheels works like an electrical generator powering all of the activity.

It’s Educational

Trucks and construction vehicles are great pretend time toys. Kids like to create their own worlds. The Discover Rig is designed to bring new worlds to your child.

The story behind each adventure guide opens your child to new experiences and helps transport your child to a different part of the world. From Africa to the Arctic, then from Mt. Everest to South American and Australia.

Pretend play is a critical component of child development. It helps kids develop communication and language skills. Helps them interact with other children and adults and provides a level of self-confidence.

The physical activity helps them build strong core muscles. Research has shown that core muscle development is a key factor in class-room learning. Of course, when they are running around outside pushing the Discover Rig, they can’t be inside playing video games.

It’s Fun

The Discover Rig is designed for fun. Its big wheels and push bar make it easy for kids to push indoors and out. Kids play with it right out of the box. The adventure guide’s helmet lights up as soon as the Discover Rig begins moving. Then just switch modes to hear engine sounds or the song.

The Sprig line is designed to be expandable. The Discover Rig can hold three adventure guides. Firewire technology allows each adventure guide to clip into the driver seat and sing his (or her) own song.

The manufacture states, “We help make the world a better place and we get kids off the couch. Pretty cool, huh?”

A Green Toy That’s Eco-Friendly

The Discover Rig is eco-friendly in every way. It is made from a composite of reclaimed wood products and recycled plastic. Colored dyes are mixed into the composite before the product is manufactured. No decorative paints are used.

The packaging is minimal and made of post-consumer waste. And the manufacturing facilities were selected based on their commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Sprig Toys Discover Rig can be found at online store such as and brick and mortar store across the country.

The Sprig Adventure series includes the Discover Rig, the Rally Racer and Baja Buggy. Each comes with an adventure guide. Each is sold separately.

By: Doug Morris

About the Author:

Doug is the owner of, an Educational Toys Store that offers learning toys for children of all ages. One of our newest toys, the Sprig Toys Discover Rig, will keep kids entertained for hours and is eco-friendly due to its 100% recycled packaging content.

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